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Case Studies

Kelley Solutions built Computershare a state-of-the-art online ordering system.
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When Merrimack College looked to streamline how they ordered stationery products they wanted to work with an organization that had experience implementing similar kinds of solutions.
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When Tyco Fire & Security/Grinnell Fire Protection merged with Simplex to form SimplexGrinnell, then needed a trusted resource to manage their printing needs.
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Products & Services

Web-based Ordering

Kelley Solutions

An easy, enterprise-wide system that enables centralized control over your company's print spend and brand image

Kelley Solutions isn't satisfied with doing what's regular; we're focused on delivering results: We have a track record of changing our clients' businesses by reducing their costs, increasing their efficiencies and empowering them like they've never experienced before from a print provider.

Many companies are unaware of their total print spend, though they recognize printing is a significant budget item. We believe print buying should be centralized, coordinated and consistent.

Our web-based ordering technology enables companies to manage all of their printing needs and brand materials online. It streamlines ordering, bringing everything associated with print buying—including inventory management and distribution—directly to the computer. It's like a heartbeat that continually pumps efficiency.

When you select a print provider, you should be able to measure the impact of your choice. You should receive reports and results that prove you're more efficient and help you gain control over your business. Our system arms you with information, reporting capabilities that let you manage and monitor your print programs and marketing campaigns, budgets and forecasts—all from one central area.

Also, the technology can house your complete online library of communication materials, enabling brand consistency for firms with multiple offices or multiple buyers.

Here's a look at some features and benefits:

  • Streamlined print management
  • Online ordering 24/7
  • Administrative control
  • Highly customizable user interface
  • Maintenance of brand standards
  • Centralized print and brand management
  • Organized corporate stationery programs
  • Inventory monitoring and control
  • Customized online reporting
  • Delivery tracking
  • Online targeted direct marketing campaign
  • Database management
  • Digital asset management