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Case Studies

Kelley Solutions built Computershare a state-of-the-art online ordering system.
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When Merrimack College looked to streamline how they ordered stationery products they wanted to work with an organization that had experience implementing similar kinds of solutions.
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When Tyco Fire & Security/Grinnell Fire Protection merged with Simplex to form SimplexGrinnell, then needed a trusted resource to manage their printing needs.
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Products & Services

Strategic Sourcing

A national, consultative partner who delivers solutions to leverage buying power, streamline workflow and provide extensive reporting capabilities.

Kelley Solutions is known in the print industry for being sophisticated, single-source experts in print communication and promotional project management. We want to share our expertise with you.

Each project is unique, so our production experts become your consultants: analyzing ways to improve how each is requisitioned, ordered, printed, packaged, shipped, received and used. We look at the whole picture. How can we improve the order process? What equipment provides the best fit for the product's specifications? In what innovative ways can delivery methods improve? Should the product itself be redesigned or printed differently to maximize quality or efficiency? Our approach makes sure the best possible product is ordered and produced in the most effeicient and cost-effective manner possible.

We'll draw on our established national footprint of highly qualified suppliers for any print and graphics need. These partners represent nearly $1 billion in manufacturing capacity, and each has best-in-class equipment, production processes, quality-control methods, artwork-protection procedures, disaster recovery systems and technology. When you work with us, your company will immediately benefit from our experience and influence with these partners, along with their combined buying and sourcing power.

Your needs don't stop after the production stage. Our world-class client service representatives are knowledgeable, professional and empowered-skilled estimators and project managers who are "in the loop" with key industry providers and innovators. When sudden needs arise, you'll appreciate their ability to make things happen quickly and cost-effectively.

Our mission is to create a partnership that enables you to view our team as an extension of your staff.