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Why LaserBand®

Offering the most innovative products of their kind, LaserBand® solutions combine medical chart labels with patient ID bracelets on one 8.5" x 11" sheet. Wristbands are self-laminating allowing them to be used in a variety of environments. They greatly reduce the number of errors that occur due to transposing information by simultaneously generating the same information for both the patient ID bracelet and medical chart labels.

Save Time - Wristbands and labels are printed simultaneously with writsband/label form design.

Save Money - Durable wristbands are proven to last over 30 days, eliminating rebanding. while designed to work with existing equipment.

Ensure Security - Patient data is protected by tamper-proof self-laminating wristbands.

Offer Comfort - Expandable wristbands are easy to assemble and come in a range of patient sizes from newborns to adults.

Reduce risk - Products greatly reduce the number of medical errors, one of the leading causes of death worldwide providing better patient care and reduce costly malpractice lawsuits.

Laserband® is used worldwide in thousands of hospitals by hundreds of millions of patients every year.

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Who We Are

Kelley Solutions is the New Hampshire Platinum Certified reseller for LaserBand® patient identification wristbands and other related products. We offer a complete cross-platform product line that works with all existing patient ID technologies. We are committed to helping advance patient safety everyday and can help you do the same.