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Case Studies

Kelley Solutions built Computershare a state-of-the-art online ordering system.
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When Merrimack College looked to streamline how they ordered stationery products they wanted to work with an organization that had experience implementing similar kinds of solutions.
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When Tyco Fire & Security/Grinnell Fire Protection merged with Simplex to form SimplexGrinnell, then needed a trusted resource to manage their printing needs.
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Products & Services

Integrated Marketing

A powerful way to connect with customers, not just collect them

Mass mailings can be...well...a massive waste of time and money. That's why savvy companies are adopting targeted, layered campaigns that employ innovative, interactive techniques. Our team can lead the way to igniting your integrated marketing spark.

When devising campaigns, many businesses focus on operational costs ("What's the price per piece? Can I print this cheaper?"). Integrated marketing focuses on the other side of the ledger, centering on ways to gain revenue.

We'll consult with your business to devise a pronged program that can include a variety of vehicles, including post cards, personalized URLs, emails, brochures, promotional products and more—all with response mechanisms that call recipients to action. Our web-based technology can fuel each campaign, giving your team a quick way to access and customize marketing materials and reports.