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Case Studies

Kelley Solutions built Computershare a state-of-the-art online ordering system.
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When Merrimack College looked to streamline how they ordered stationery products they wanted to work with an organization that had experience implementing similar kinds of solutions.
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When Tyco Fire & Security/Grinnell Fire Protection merged with Simplex to form SimplexGrinnell, then needed a trusted resource to manage their printing needs.
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Products & Services

Holiday & Greeting Cards

Not just for holidays or special occasions, sending corporate greeting cards helps you to communicate with customers, prospects, employees, and other key contacts any time, for any reason.

We have a distinctive line of greeting card products and services designed to authentically and appropriately express a company's best brand image.

The website features a full line of business greeting cards, including birthday, thank you, anniversary and holiday cards.

Want to give your employees the ability to send cards to clients and prospects, too? We offer a managed card program that can provide access to your pre-approved selection of business greeting cards and customization options designed to reflect your company's brand and help strengthen business relationships with your most important contacts. Employees can access these programs through a dedicated web portal, where they can review options, select a quantity and personalize their cards. Several billing, invoicing and reporting options are also available to businesses.

We also offer customized card development program for your business. Our talented and dedicated creative staff can help you create your own unique, customized greeting cards that will make a personal connection while meeting and delivering a message that achieves your business objectives.