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Merrimack College

Merrimack College

When Merrimack College looked to streamline how they ordered stationery products they wanted to work with an organization that had experience implementing similar kinds of solutions. The sixty-two year old Liberal Arts college had over eighty departments writing up manual print supply requisitions for business cards, personalized letterhead, envelopes, labels and notepads. Requisitions were collected by the purchasing department, compiled and orders placed twice annually to take advantage of combination pricing. In addition to this process being extremely labor intensive, the college's brand had started to deteriorate.

Kelley Solutions, Inc. with a 38-year history of delivering top quality print and promotional products through its standard-setting approach, was chosen to deliver the solution. Over the past decade, Kelley has developed a portfolio of e-commerce solutions including web-ordering systems that streamline workflow, broaden brand awareness and provide monitoring tools for management. Kelley's track record gave the college management the confidence to move forward.


Kelley Solution's first step was to collect and analyze situational data gathered during an initial client conference. The Kelley team also evaluated the college's written responses to its detailed customer profile.

Kelley assigned a dedicated team to manage the college's account, consisting of an Account Executive, lead Client Service Representative, Online Internet Specialist, and a Client Financial Manager.

The college's previous ordering system was manual, based on hand written or emailed requisitions with none of the efficiency afforded by online systems. The Kelley solution had to deliver three things: an automated system that the college's departments could access via the web; an approval routing method so that purchasing could control expenditures; a mechanisim that allowed college adminitrators to order business cards online along with other products but for the orders to be printed in the college print shop vs. by Kelley Solutions.


Kelley Solutions built Merrimack College a state-of-the-art online ordering system accessible by any department. The system leveraged the latest in online functionality, including proofing, template creation, approval and routing capabilities, cost center tracking, order tracking, and advanced reporting.

Kelley gathered annual usage quantities and with its buying power was able to secure pricing allowing departments to order product on demand vs. having to wait for semi-annual orders.

Business cards were ordered online and electronically fed to the college's print shop in the required format. This allowed the college to continue to utilize the equipment it had invested in. Customized ordering instructions, links and a toll-free technical support line were also made available to all users.


Department adminstrators had one central place to order personalized stationery products, the ability to proof products on the fly and no longer needed to worry about estimating what would be semi-annual ordering quantities. The site incorporated new features including custom messaging, cost-center drop down menus, and integration with the college's Fedex account. Kelley Solutions also established a monthly billing plan which eliminated multiple invoices, cutting of checks and reduced a large number of accounts payable/accounts receivable entries. Each bill included detailed information providing all order information.

End Result

The launch of the online solution went off without a hitch and has tremendously streamlined Merrimack College's workflow. The college now also has a mechanism to keep its brand consistant. Purchasing is already looking forward to what other product lines it can add to the centralized portal.