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When a buyer leaves one employer and begins with another, they typically keep record of the suppliers they worked with. This occured at Computershare, a global leader in transfer agency, employee equity plans, proxy solicitation and stakeholder communications. The company was struggling with the level of service it was receiving from its stationer. Quality had slipped, phone calls were not being returned and lead times had become longer. Computershare began to question the value they were receiving from their stationery supplier. The Senior Buyer recalled having had a very positive experience with Kelley Solutions, Inc. at her previous employer and specifically their focus on brand integrity. She invited them in to evaluate the company's current requirement and to submit a proposal.

Kelley Solutions, Inc. has a 35-year history of delivering top quality print and promotional products through its standard-setting approach. After a thorough review process, they were chosen to implement a new stationery program for Computershare.

Over the past decade Kelley has developed a portfolio of e-commerce solutions including web-ordering systems that streamline workflow, broaden brand awareness and provide monitoring tools for management. Kelley's track record gave Computershare the confidence to move forward.


Kelley Solution's first step was to collect and analyze situational data gathered during an initial client conference. The Kelley team also evaluated the college's written responses to its detailed customer profile.

Kelley assigned a dedicated team to manage the account, consisting of an Account Executive, lead Client Service Representative, Online Internet Specialist, and a Client Financial Manager.

Computershare's ordering system had been part electronic and part manual with not all products being able to order online. This resulted in the need for two ordering methodologies and the inability to run reports detailing entire expenditure. Kelley Solutions needed to deliver three things: an automated system that enabled Computershare employees to order all products online, consistent quality as defined in Computershare's brand guidelines, and a level of customer service that met Computershare's expectations.


Kelley Solutions built Computershare a state-of-the-art online ordering system. The system leveraged the latest in online functionality, including cost center tracking, order tracking, proofing, template creation, electronic email notifications a nd advanced reporting.

Kelley gathered annual usage quantities and with its buying power was able to secure better pricing than Computershare had been paying, creating immediate cost savings. Customized ordering instructions, links and a toll-free technical support line were also made available to all users.


Computershare employees now had one central place to order stationery products, quality and turnaround were consistent, and the company was realizing unanticipated savings. In addition, reporting could be run such that management could monitor all expeditures detailed by product, cost center, location, end-user and more.

Kelley Solutions established a monthly billing plan which eliminated multiple invoices, cutting of checks, and reduced a large number of accounts payable/receivable entries. Each bill included a detailed summary report providing all order information.

End Result

The launch of the online solution went off without a hitch and has streamlined Computershare's workflow, improved quality and service and saved the company money.